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Gala Thermo Shrink PVT. LTD. a member of Gala Group of Industries with its establishments in the year 1979. entered into the business of Cable management products with specialization in the field of PVC and Heat Shrinkable range of products like Heat Shrink, Cable Joints, Cable Terminations, cable end sealing caps, Spreader caps, heat shrink end caps, heat shrink tubes, heat shrink sleeve, Cable Accessories, PVC Caps, Cable Splicing Kit, Branch Joint, heat shrinkable four way cable breakout, Heat Shrink Tape, Transition Joint, Electrical Insulating tubes, Strain relief Tubs, MV Cable Joints, Cable Splice, Bus bar Insulation Product, Low Voltage Splices, LV Cable Joint, etc.

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"Our 24kV Screened Separable Connectors are tested and approved at CPRI, India"

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