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Insulation Cover

Insulation Cover

Gala Insulation Cover Product such as Heat Shrinkable Tubes, Tapes, Sheets, Pre-moulded Protection Covers, etc. Provide a long term, cost effective and easy to install retrofit solution to eliminate power outages caused by bird and animals.

Electrical Distribution equipment with bare bus bars, conductors and connections is always at risk to having phases or phase to ground accidentally bridged As well as the obvious problems caused to the network, such events can also endanger protected wildlife. Birds and animals often enters substations and interfere with overhead lines causing faults by bridging air clearances

Substation equipment is vulnerable to flashovers caused by accidental bridging of phases, or phase to earth. Usually made by birds, animals, vegetation or airbone debris, flashovers can be very expensive in terms of damage to equipment, reduced reliability and in some cases even electrocution of protected species. Almost any event of this nature can be prevented by insulating the strategically Vulnerable bare metalwork with a combination of Gala Insulation Enhancement Products.

Gala Insulation Enhancement Products are the combination of Heat Shrinkable Tubes, tapes, Sheets & Preformed Components Which are having the following Features & Benefits:
  • High Die-electric strength
  • Suitable for any shapes or connections
  • Meets ANSI C37.20.2 standards for MV applications
  • cost effective and easy to use
  • Highly resistant to UV rays and Ozone
  • Many standard sizes available in stock
  • High insulation factors
  • Design assistance and CAD drawings
  • Extreme temperature resistance
  • In-house tooling and die shop
  • Prevent conductor from Chemical Corrosion effected by strong acid, alkali, salt, etc.
  • Custom design possible as per specifications
Transmission Line Flashover and Birdage Protection Cover (Reusable):
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  • The Transmission Flash-over Protection Cover provides protection from raptor induced flashovers on 115 KV transmission lines. As the cover is made of High quality cross-linked polyolefin material can be used on both porcelain disc and polymeric insulator designs. it can be used on energized or de-energized installations.
Bird Protection cap (Reusable) :
  • The Bird Protection Cap protects birds and other animals from live conductors mounted on metal. The flexible polymer means that most configurations of conductor attachment are easily accommodated. Installations is very simple, and tool-free. Suitable for application on a wide range of different insulators up to 24KV.
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Bus Connection Insulating Covers (Reusable):
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Gala Bus Connection Insulating covers are designed to protect energized conductors or busbar from flashovers due to contact from birds, squirrels and other wildlife. GPFIC parts are made from a UV stable, track resistant, high performance material to ensure years of reliable service.

A variety of different shapes and sizes are available to cover circuit breaker bushings, bus standoff insulators, capacitors, transformer bushings, voltage regulator, potential transformers and more. Installation can be made quickly in the field by trimming the entry and exit holes to the required dimensions. The GPFIC covers can be re-entered for other maintenance needs and then reused, thus lowering overall lifetime costs.

Heat Shrinkable High Voltage Busbar Tapes (Reusable):
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Bus Tape is heat shrinkable tapes specifically designed for insulating and protecting medium voltage Bus Bar Connections, Where tubing can not be used. It is very conformable, tough, waterproof tape with special adhesive coating Which bonds well to most surfaces over a range of Temperature.

Combined use of Insulation Enhancement Products (Reusable) for Protection of Birdage and Flash-over:
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By Using a combination of products distribution towers can be protected from flashovers and outages caused by birds. Can reduce the number of incidents and save protected wildlife. Regardless of the application it is possible to create a Gala Insulation Enhancement solution for any accidental contacts or bridging problem.

Phase Segregation & Interphase Insulating Barrier Board (reusable):
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  • Interphase Insulating Barrier Board is non-structural, interphase barrier for switchgear applications. The GIIBB board is made from a homogeneous polymer and has excellent track resistance, especially following a power-arc. Easily fabricated into a shape, it produces less nuisance dust and less tooling wear than other boards.

    UV properties of the barrier boards are suitable for outdoor applications. Extremely durable barrier boards resist damage from solvents, mechanical impact and general wear and tear. Machining Properties allow it to be cut and drilled for mounting without requiring special safety equipment.

GIIBB barriers protect switchgear cabinets High temperature resistant material can be wiped clean against interphase flashovers that can be after power-arc events resulting in visible effects or surface caused by contaminants, moisture and animals. damage

High-voltage Insulator Protection Cover (Reusable):
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High-voltage Insulator Protection Cover protests against bird stramer caused outages. There are designs to fit both porcelain bells and polymeric insulators. This two piece shield attaches easily with plastic bolts and nuts around the top of the insulator and provides protection from fecal contaminates comming from above the insulator string. For porcelain applications there are 18 inch and 24 inch diameter shield designs. For Polymeric applications the shield has an 18 inch diameter.

Heat Shrinkable Insulation Sleeves upto 66 KV:
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Bus Tube is heat shrinkable tube designed to insulate busbar systems up to 66KV & to protect against accidental flashover. The tubes are manufactured from high quality non tracking cross-linked polyolefin material. Meets ANSI C37.20.2 standards.

Features and Benefits:
  • Reduce Busbar clearance.
  • Halogen free, flame retardant.
  • Prevent Busbarfrom chemical corrosion effected by strong acid, alkali, salt etc.
  • High dielectric strength.
  • solve the problem of insulation among busbar in Bus Duct
  • Highly Flexible for use on straight or angled bars without creasing
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    Medium Voltage System End Seals
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Overhead Line Insulation Tapes:
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Overhead Line Tape is heat shrinkable tape specifically designed for insulating and protecting medium voltage Over head conductors. It is helically performed to make it easy to install. When the tape is wrapped around the conductor and shrunk down, te adhesive melts and amalgamates the overlapping layers of tape together. A single layer of tape, two-thirds overlapped, will provide AV voltage withstand to 15kv and increasing to 36kv if a second layer applied.

Overhead Line Insulation Cover (No Shrinkable – Reusable):
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Insul-cover is a medium collage wrap around Line cover that provides retrofit insulation for overhead conductors to help prevent electrical outages caused by trees or wildlife coming into the contact with distribution lines. It is manufactured from high quality Non tracking Cross-Linked Polyolefin material.

Insul-cover is designed to insulate existing bare lines without costly conductor replacement expenditure or additional line hardware. Installation is possible on energized lines.

Shrouds for Outdoor applications upto 36kv for Switchyard (Reusable):
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Insul-shroud is flexible electrical insulating boot / shroud, made form specially formulated PVC material to provide excellent electrical insulation and to withstand higher operating temperature continuously. This is designed to prevent electrocution of bird and animal wildlife and the resulting incidence of power outages. The ability to mould to any size of shape in any quantity with low tooling cost and quick delivery gives an enormous range of applications in the electrical industries.

Busbar Insulation Shrouds (Resuable):
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Bus boot- Vinly is flexible electrical insulating boot / shroud for busbar and switchgear connections upto 36kv. These pliable boots can be installed, removed or replaced in few minutes. Made from specially formulated Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material to provide excellent electrical insulation and to withstand higher operating temperature continuously.

Bus Boot provides reduction in air clearance, which helps designing compact panels, thereby reduces the material costs by saving in busbar lengths, sheet metal components, etc.

Capacitor Cap (Bird Guard)
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  • Capacitor cap is flexible electrical insulating boot / shroud, made from specially formulated Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material to provide excellent electrical insulation and to withstand higher operating temperature continuously.

    This designed to prevent electrocution of bird and animal wildlife and the resulting incidence of power outages. The ability to mould to any size of shape in any quantity with low tooling cost and quick delivery gives an enormous range of applications in the electrical industries.

Advantages of Insulshroud:

  • Protects unscheduled outages by wildlife like Raptors, Squirrels, Racoons, etc.
  • Helps protect endangered Wildlife from extinction.
  • Eliminates Power Pilferage.

Applicable Industries:

  • Transformer (Bushing cover)
  • Power Sub-Station (Connector’s Cover)
  • Auto Recloser
  • Surge Arresters
  • Single-pin Insulator
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