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Corporate History

  • May 2012 :-

    Participated in "IEEE" exhibition in U.S.A.

  • April 2012 :-

    Participated in "HANNOVER" exhibition in Germany.

  • March 2012 :-

    Participated in "WIRE DUESSELDORF" exhibition in Germany.

  • Feb 2012 :-

    Participated in "MEEE" exhibition in Dubai.

  • Jan 2012 :-

    Participated in "ELECRAMA" exhibition in Mumbai - India.

    First time organised Get Together Party for our Clients.

  • Dec 2012 :-

    Launched a new product "Insulcover" to cover Overhead Wires & Conductors.

    Received the 1st order from the Utility "EDF - France".

  • Sep 2011:-

    Received the 1st order for Bustube from the Utility KPTCL - Karnataka-India.

  • August 2011:-

    Successfully commenced production at new factory in Surat (Gujarat).

    Produced 7 Finger Heat Shrink Low Voltage Breakouts.

  • July 2011:-

    Started Production at our New Factory in Surat (Gujarat, India).

  • June 2011:-

    Obtained CPRI Certificate for our 1.1kV Heat Shrink Joints & Terminations.

  • May 2011:-

    Successfully obtained Product Approval Certificate from DCRP, Oman for 1.1kV & 11kV Heat Shrink Joints & Terminations.

  • April 2011:-

    Registered a Patent for Heat Shrink De-gassing End Caps.

  • Mar 2011:-

    Participated in "FIEE" exhibition in Brazil.

  • Feb 2011:-

    Obtained CPRI Certificate for 11kV Heat Shrink Joints & Terminations.

  • Jan 2011:-

    Successfully listed in UL for Busboot & Bustube.

  • Dec. 2010:-

    Launched Brand names & Taglines for all products.

  • Dec 2010:-

    Started "Soul Searching Workshop" - A Personality Development Course for employees.

  • Sept. 2010:-

    The only company to produce world's largest size Heat Shrink Cable End Caps - GEC 1101 (size 500/200mm.)

  • May 2010:-

    Produced world's largest size Heat Shrink Rain Sheds - GRS-130-6 (size 140/50mm.)

  • April 2010:-

    Started 1st edition of "GALANT", our Company's own Magazine.

  • Nov 2009:-

    Uploading of new interactive Website.

  • Oct 2009:-

    Recognized as "Export House" status by Government of India, Ministry of Commerce

    Re- certified for compliance to ISO 9001:2008 series.

  • Sept 2009:-

    Listing by UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) For Heat Shrink Tubes (File No is: E 328538.)

  • May 2009:-

    The only company to produce biggest range of End caps from size GEC 001s (6/2) to GEC 901 (310/150mm)

  • Feb 2009:-

    Revamping of 'Gala' corporate logo & Corporate marketing policy

  • August 2008 -

    Shifted Marketing & Logistics activities with modern infrastructure

  • Sep 2007:-

    Successfully achieved ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certification.

    Established commercial production of Heat Shrink Tubes.

  • June 2007:-

    Appointment of Mr. Vinod Joshi as our HRD & Marketing consultant.

  • Feb 2007:-

    Entered into Technical collaboration with overseas unit for production of Heat shrink tubes.

  • Aug 2004:-

    Granted a special EOU (Export Oriented Unit) status by Government of India.

  • Feb 2003:-

    Successfully achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification.

  • Jan 2001:-

    Established production of Heat Shrinks Moulded shapes

  • Jan 1994:-

    Mr.Bhavesh Gala ("Managing Director", Prod.Engg.MBA) having engineering background joined "Gala Industries".

  • June 1993:-

    Executed first Export order in Malaysia.

  • Jan 1990:-

    Participated in "ELECRAMA" exhibition in India.

  • Aug 1988:-

    Established the production of 'Dip Moulded' & 'Injection Moulded' PVC components

  • Feb 1979:-

    Mr.J.P.Gala ("Chairman", B.S. U.S.A) started "Gala Industries" with a small factory, processing PVC material.

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