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Gala Founders

J.P.Gala (Chairman),B.S.[U.S.A]

He is in the business of Cable Accessories since 1979. He Started his business with Cable Corporation of India Ltd. and is having over 25 years of experience in the field of Cable Products. He has been actively involved in the management of human resources, Finance, Legal and other administrative activities of the Gala Group of companies for the past 30 years, with special expertise in legislative and regulatory part of factories and Labour Act.

Bhavesh Gala (Managing Director), Prod. Engg., MBA

He is associated with Gala Group of Companies as a active Promoter. He manages the functionaries of whole organization including R & D. He is involved in Marketing and production of Cable accessories and other Gala products. He is specialized in export strategies, policy of government & the scenario of the International Market.

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