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U-Bolt Coating - Polyshrink for U Bolts

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Heat Shrink Polyolefin Tube for U-Bolt Coating is suitable for corrosion and mechanical protection between Polyshrink for U Bolts & Pipes.

Pipes running through refineries, chemical plants and offshore platforms are rested on, or secured to, a structural beam support member using U-bolts. Over time the contact area between the un-coated U-bolts and pipe erodes and starts deteriorating the material in the presence of moisture. This excessive corrosion at the pipe support point is the leading cause of process pipe failure and it eventually develops into pinhole leaks.

Features & benefits :
  • High resistance to impact & abrasion.
  • Smooth, durable and shrunk over the shank of the U-bolt without any wrinkles, thereby helps reduce the risk of cracking the paint film around the pipe as the bolt is torqued down.
  • The polyolefin material provides the right combination of hardness and durability to protect the pipe paint but avoids setting up a capillary crevice around the circumference of the pipe.
  • Has superior jacket tear resistance & elastomeric characteristics allowing better conformance over irregular contours without splitting.
  • Provides mechanical protection and better abrasion resistance in harsh environments, e.g. tube rubbing against sharp objects or in constant friction
  • Provides good strain relief.
  • High shrink ratio (3:1) can help rationalize the stock requirements and also provides a greater application range.
  • After recovery, it provides an excellent outer cover for protection.
  • Highly reliable as it is unaffected by heat, ultra-violet rays, vibration, sandblasting or other conditions pertaining to an industrial and marine environment
Features & benefits : Electrical, Offshore, Marine, Industrial Oil and Gas Utilities

All dimensions in mm

  • Code
  • D Min.
  • d Max.
  • T±10%
  • (mm)
  • (mm)
  • (mm)
  • GUMW 19/6
  • 19
  • 6
  • 2.0
  • GUMW 27/8
  • 27
  • 8
  • 2.5
  • GUMW 35/10
  • 35
  • 10
  • 2.5


  • Physical
  • Tensile Strength
  • 14 N/mm2 (MPA)(min.)
  • ASTM D638
  • Ultimate Elongation
  • 400% (Min.)
  • ASTM D638
  • Longitudinal Change
  • - 10% (Max.)
  • ASTM D2671
  • Water Absorption
  • 0.5 % (max.)
  • ASTM D570
  • Thermal
  • Accelerated Ageing
  • (120oC for 500 Hrs)
  • ASTM D2671
  • Tensile Strength
  • 12 N/mm2 (Mpa) (min.)
  • ASTM D 638
  • Ultimate Elongation
  • 300 % (Min.)
  • ASTM D 638
  • Heat Shock (250oC for 30 Min.)
  • No Cracking or flowing
  • ESI 09-11
  • Continuous Temperature limit
  • -55°C to + 110°C
  • IEC 216
  • Electrical
  • Dielectric Strength
  • 15 KV/mm. (Min.)
  • ASTM D149
  • Volume Resistivity
  • 1 x 1014 Ohm.cm(min.)
  • ASTM D257
  • Dielectric Constant
  • 5 (Max.)
  • ASTM D150

Technical Qualification Report : QR 1025

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